Sunday, July 26, 2009

Considerations of A BLOG

Since I have started to take blogging seriously decided to spend some time reading about blogging..
To start off was trying to see differences between blog and a website.. It was finally interesting to conclude finally that A blog is all about conversations, more personalized .. a blog may need to be more engaging... the reader should be kept interested not just once but should create enough excitement to keep the reader visit the blog again and again...

One of my other important things I was trying to look at to what extent can the blog be customized.. it is pretty much known that a website can be subjected to heavy customization...somewhere key value proposition of the blog is that one does not need design skill to get started with the blog... which means there is a higher emphasis on templates and configuration than development.. Having said that .. blogging has evolved so much that the architects of blogging are relying on innovative mechanisms to keep a blog very interesting..

As part of making the blog very interesting... came across 4 things which I felt should be mentioned.. the utility tools Apture (integrating multimedia formats into your blogs) and Zemanta (Utility tool which helps proposes graphics relevant to the contents written) .. the gadgets which blogger provides are very interesting and can be leveraged by the blogger..
The fourth thing is the mushrooming of blogger templates.. there are few ones which are provided by default within the blogger which can be used during blog creation and can be changed.. Separately there are sites which have started which have gives us a wide range of blogger templates (do refer the blog of the blogger team-

If you are using blogger, do not miss out on the aforementioned URL.. it does give more insight to effective blogging...

Millions of blogs getting created and it is would not be incorrect to say that there are clear monetary considerations behind some of them (if not most of them)... The article from problogger on how to make money from blogging seems to be one article which is heavily referenced on this subject...

For getting the blogging templates, besides found significant numbers recommending wordpress for the same....

Few interesting niches which has been building within the blogging concept... one is Microblogging - sharing brief text messages of micro media such as photo or audio clips.. business blogging .. this is more of a corporate tool for companies to communicate with their customers .. this is less transactional and more descriptive, elaborate and may better capture the context of the conversations ..

Interesting articles have already been written on some of the successful bloggers.. do check out this article from business week -

There are many more social networking tools which have come in ... with tweeter, digg.... but blogging is here to stay.. atleast thats what the blundits say (blogs + pandits)....


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Victims of the Internet

Internet has now gone beyond just a email and having websites.....
Social Networking has taken the world by storm... it no more takes too much effort for anyone who can type to get started with either blogging or tweeting..
There are too many stories of business success stories through blogging or tweeting or other social networking like facebook..

What I have come across are individuals who have started thinking that ability to create a facebook page or a blog would mean that success is bound to knock their doors any time...

Other point is that there is no entry barrier.. so folks decide to try this option.. heard of folks who have started trying something without focusing much on formal education.. work experience from regular profiles are not considered to be not that important and there are folks who seem to be spending hours on the internet..
Too much of efforts on social networking is making them anti-social..

Heard one of the mothers telling me that the son was immersed in the desktop for days and he did not feel it was important to interact with anyone other than the notebook.. mother really scared...

at the end of the day... there are hours of time spent in social networking ... with no real idea of the how value is callibrated on the internet.. these individuals seems to be spending all the time on the internet....

There were cases of individuals expecting a premium on facebook consulting!!!

It is great to read about the few stories which really makes it .... it really pains to see the numerous cases of folks becoming victims of the internet whirlpool.......

In the internet you can either read , chat , blog or see a video? can one really experience the actual reason why a certain internet venture really made it... not sure whether there is too much which is written about why ventures really fail.. not sure whether the folks who actually fail are given enough visibility....

The ventures which made is either blogged million times, tweeted billion times.. but the failures are swept under the carpet..

while so much is highlighted about the internet medium.. it would be nice if the darker side of this medium can be highlighted...

it is a great medium but people should be exposed to both sides before taking the plunge....

Happy Blogging.. Digging.. Tweeting.. Chatting.. Emailing..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Little Uncle

He was the little my native place in Kerala.
Did not really get educated .. managed to get a government job.. a job which he never managed to do as far as I could recall...
Was very fond of alcohol ... did have problems with his family... which did not include his wife as he never got married....
Was always available for any help we required.. any thing that we would have really wanted..
So much so that his identity was centered around his services to our entire family...
Life just moved on for him.. not really sure whether he had desires in life.. other than getting drunk and getting off to sleep..
He was puny... dark .. his teeth was camouflaged with pan.. which was his greatest companion when alcohol was not around...
In my earlier days as a kid.. when I had to clean the compound to earn money to buy a ball.. he was the support that was extended to me..
He was of great help to my mother.. just that lack of stability in ones life can lead to people taking you for granted.. which is what had happened with this little uncle..
Whenever I think of him... it is never the not so good things that comes to my mind but small moments of excitement which I shared with him as a kid..
Two weeks back.. while I was just speaking to my mother.. she just casually shared with me that he is suffering from cancer..... not that the world was really bothered... but yes he was staying with his brother who showed interest in taking care of him...
A week back.. mother called again.. to inform me that he was no more.. the god took him away...
he was a very active little man ... and maybe the almighty was not too keen in he suffering any further.. without making it more difficult for him.. he was taken away...
When the function in his memory was held.. mother realized that lot of people turned up... everyone had a connect to this little uncle..
I was in the city... doing a regular weekend recovery from work ...... getting ready for the next week's work which is when I was informed..
Could not really attend the funeral.. but memories were brought back..
I am sure all of you must be having a little uncle in your life.. who would have been always unconditional in saying something nice and would have also managed a smile on your face...
Do take a moment to think about your little uncle..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Express Yourself

Based on ones experiences and perspective... there could be quite a few things which you may want to share with the rest of the world..
It is very important to express ones opinion on what is happening around.. it can be in a controlled manner but it just helps self and others to spend quality time on thinking..
As what David Rock (Renowned Coach) had mentioned... whatever had to be automated has got automated or is getting automated.. whatever had to be outsourced has already got outsourced or is getting outsourced.. what is left in the organization is just "thinking"

Positive Thinking can make a significant difference to the way things happen around self.. Positive THinking should be a good stress buster..

Besides the regular scribbles.. I have genuine interests in the following.
  • Coaching, Career Management and Yoga
  • Technologies for Sales and Marketing
  • SAP Experiences
  • All about Kerala
Shall be using dedicated blogs to keep sharing my thoughts
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Shall come back with updates which may interest You!!!